Consultant and Trainer
for Alcohol and Other Drug Services:
Professional Essays


Journal Articles

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  • Chapman, R. J. (1986). Alcohol as viewed from the east and the west. Internationally Speaking, 2(2), 3233.

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Miscellaneous Publications

  • Chapman, R. J. (2009). When They Drink: Deconstructing Collegiate Drinking. In NASPA's online magazine NetResults, August 26.
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  • Chapman, R .J. (1996, Winter). Curriculum infusion: Thoughts, experiences, and ideas from one professional. Alcohol and Other Drug Issues Newsletter, 8(2), 5.
  • Chapman, R .J. (1996). Choosing your words carefully. Counseling Today, May, 25.
  • Chapman, R. J. (1994). Review of the book, Introduction to addictive behaviors. Counseling Today, 37, 31.
  • Chapman, R .J. (1993). Review of the book, Strategies for retaining minority students in higher education. ACA Guidepost, 36(1).
  • Chapman, R. J. (1989). Review of the video Self-esteem: Choice not chance, Part IV--goal setting: Self-esteem in action. ACA Guidepost, November.

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